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No twitting, only Mojitos ;-)

Posted in Good Food (is) for the Life Savourer, MESSAGES - HAFATRA with tags , , , , on July 15, 2008 by coolienne

15/07/2008: The first day ever I had a mojito on the Island. It was cold today in Tana. Hot chocolate should have been perfect. Still… Has been days he asked me to taste his mojito. Did it today and liked it very much. Mojito! It was walking down memory lane (again). The sun, the beach / the swimming pool, home parties, cool poss. Well, what else should one expect from a Cool Hyène ? Cool poss and mojito!.

I have the lime, the mint leaves (albeit sparse at this time of the year), the rhum (Malagasy white rum), Cristal (bring your own version of Cristal… Champagne ? why not ?) … and found a good barman to mix them.

My Mojito poss, miss ya!  See you where the sun is ;-)