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So fresh!

Posted in Daily musings, Remember those first times ? with tags , , , on May 30, 2008 by coolienne

Brought a smile on my face!

A new thing a day

That it would excite me: I doubted

That it would be interesting: I expected

That it would make me happy: It surprised me

That it would be weird: presumed …

First time ever I sat the other side of the table… to interview applicants and have a chance to listen to their pitches. Funny. Obscure. Hilarating. Boring. Enthusiast. Nervous. Serene. Verbose. Almost mute…. Varied

Am feeling so fresh!

That “A new thing a day” could bring smile on my face has been a long forgotten truth. Worth being unearthed.

Like those days I managed to come up with some necklace designs (on the picture is my version of a GI plaque ~ with mother of pearl and silver);

Coolienne version of the GI plaque

Like that other day I managed to isolate this poppy flower and focus, focus, focus and shoot… just before that strong wind blew again;

Oh! that day Mister Ex. called me “Mon amour“. Precious. Rare;

Or … those many many days … (Can you tell me about those days a small experience brought smile on your face ? Let’s just hope they are many a day and experience !)

Stay cool, Stay fresh!

PS: and yes! I did play nice. Just a few questions. Big laughters (applicants can be funny, sometimes)