About the Cool Ilienne blog

Lately, while keeping myself updated with entries of a friend’s webpage, I told myself I should write to her.

This friend then announced her undertaking a new and obviously exciting project: get readying for her own stories (travel, life, friendship, romance) to be documented and recorded or, simply, her treatment of her true story. Right away, I mailed to congratulate her for the new project (as, though not achieved yet, it seems to be a great idea, an exciting and interesting project in my eyes, that deserves congrats in my books). Also, told her it must be a challenging exercise this being both the voyeur and the exhibitionist.

While living on that continent where I studied, I was told more than once this “You should write your memoirs” line. Usually while “entertaining” my then posse about my then jobs (colleagues, bosses), my then boyfriends, family stories, things & sights happening while shopping, walking in the street, in public transportation,running the daily life. As they used to put it “Only happens to you!”. It ranges from this disturbing sight of an wrinkled old man trying a thong in a department store to more personal kinky stuffs with the guys.

Now and at last!, to start with, I managed to create this blog account (my wp account is a proof that patience pays… Only God knows how many an attempt were undertaken to log up… you guys should congratulate me! Please do!) but still am clueless about what to write. Basically, my dilemma is about choosing between recollecting memories (of past experiences, mostly in the city where I used to live, more generally on that continent…) or telling about current, daily, immediate stories of my newly re-immersed ilienne life. Ilienne ? It means I’m a she-islander.

Also, what to talk about… romantic life ? about the jobs ? about food ? about patsa fotsy ? my then campus life ? art ? sport ? fashion ? Life in an almost monocultural island country capital, with its tight social control vs Life in a cosmopolitan capital city in the heart of a continent, that allowed me to enjoy anonymity ?

Still some fog, still blurry

I’m at that stage: Blue sky thinking… -) while running my daily routine, accumulating experiences of my re-immersion into the islanders life.

Oooh! the only thing I’m sure of is the use of my three most used languages to entertain you guys with Cool Ilienne blog page: Malagasy, French and English. Chances are, it will be one language at a time.

Early June 2008: Still blue sky thinking but at least, I know what I wouldn’t talk about in this blog.


3 Responses to “About the Cool Ilienne blog”

  1. Intresting idea to post in 3 languages – you know I also started my first blog like with (English, German and Russian). However after some time I had to split it into 3, because the content grew too big. And I have to keep 3 of them :)) more work but also more quality for the readers who know only 1 or 2 languages (not to let them feel inferiour)…
    do you think you may also want to split the blog?

  2. That’s the reason I created 4 categories: one to file Malagasy written posts, a second to file English-written ones, a third to file French-written files. Now, the fourth: the posts I enjoyed most writting them.
    I’m working on some adjustments on my own frontpage. So far, I don’t need to multiply. Thanks for the visit, Axinia.

  3. OOOh the feeling inferior thing. I just hope they wouldn’t do. I am lucky to be given the opportunity, the ability, the love to learn languages. I just see that this way. Other people are good at maths, at AI, at law, at biology… and I don’t feel inferiour compared to them. To each its own. :-)

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