Walking Down Memory Lane


Written May 24, let to pause for some time and served fresh from the oven to you, Ladies & Gents!

“Well, must be ageing! Not that it’s bad. Just surprising. Like the first white hair, the first wrinkle, those first things that happen to you… out of the blue. Anyway, some days ago, while indulging in my usual bookstalls raid, I saw those piles of women magazines. Picked one, browsed and dumped it. Picked one, browsed, dumped. Did that many times. I was looking for a French woman magazine that was different from the ones I’m used to. No name in particular, just one that would be different. Just knew it wouldn’t be French Elle, nor US Elle (both are my fave). No Cosmo (aargh!), no Vogue. Last time I did that, I pulled off the piles a Vanity Fair (interesting reads, sometimes), a In Style (no reads, just fashion pics). Both I appreciated but which we don’t have in constant offer over here.

This time, I was searching for a while when I realized which magazine I was precisely longing for. I was craving for that old format French Glamour. No! not the current format that resembles French Cosmo a lot, minus this constant obsession over sex-related topics. The early 90s French Glamour was about edgy topics: arts, artists, rappers, actors, photographers, super-models…errr.. no Campbell, Crawford, Turlington were not artists but fascinating enough beauties. Was about extravagganza: Baron Munchausen, then Vivienne Westwood (she may have stayed the same, I had discovered her then and there). It was cool photography: black and white, brightened turquoise waters and purple flowers, fuschia veils, yellow jumpers, lime green shorts… Then, “l’agenda”, the interviews, sketches by Delhomme (?). It was like a younger, trendier Vogue. They may have same fashion shoots but topics were different (Would Vogue talk about vintage dildos ?). Ooh! And then there was this heartthrob male model, Albert Délègue. Late Délègue was almost in every women magazine. Shooting series starring him- once with Estelle, this French celeb (then model)- used to be successes. Albert Délègue, so 90s! (to see pics of him, click on Planche n°1, then Planche n°2. The last pics set is Planche n°3). I was browsing the shelves, remembering this Glamour Magazine. Of course, I didn’t find any copy of it…

Yesterday, while randomly browsing TV channels, I came across a “Hollywood stories” program. Not a favourite program of mine, except for, once in a while, the story of one or another favourite celeb of mine. Name Sharon Stone, Halle Berry, Uma Thurman, Matthew Mc Connaughey, Clooney, Ralph Fiennes…This time, it was on Beverly Hills 90210, the series. I remember that during many years in the 90s, I used to follow it religiously, up to addiction point. Now, this program! They talked about casting, production, shootings, story, race quota (BH 90210, at its debut, used to be a all-white program, not exactly loyal to RL California high schools), youth issues…

Things they said in there, I’m pretty sure to have heard/read about them then. At a time, one striking aspect they talked about was about actors’ age. They were 20+ actors pretending to be high school students. Then, suddenly, I remembered that, when BH 90210 was all the rage, my posse and I- we all loved this series- were in that same age range too. The first year it was aired, I was well past high school. We were freshmen in a B-school. Still remember those 5pm rushes in the metro station, to catch the earliest wagon, to be home at 5.30. Then, entering my apartment, grabbing the remote control to turn the TV on. Then only, getting rid of those layers whilst catching glimpses. Commercials breaks ? They were designed to allow me to go to the loo. Lol Else, I’d wait for the next one for that specific purpose. Everything was done in warp speed not to miss any minute of the show. A real trip down memory lane, this program was.

There was “Some days ago”, there was “Yesterday”. Of course, there must be “Today”.

This morning, I was standing next the CD box (hear! I am talking about CDs, not mp3 files) when I decided to have a closer look. Opened it. Retrieved old CDs we used to listen to. Malagasy singers and hip 90s bands (had their heydays then). Most I didn’t want to listen to but these guys… they rock! R.E.M rocks.

The moment I started listening to # 1song in “Automatic for the people” till moment I finished with last song in the “Losing my religion” album, Out of Time… it was about singing along the arias, whistling, dancing (“Shiny Happy People”, my 3-yo nephew likes dancing on this song). It was about reminiscing as well. Some bad days, other happy days. My past was unearthed, a past my parents didn’t know every detail of. RE.M songs make you think. Stipe’s almost plaintive voice has this ability to lead you somewhere you have to reflect, to cry, to dream (check that link! I’m not a reference as for Michael Stipe trivia & bio).

Btw, weren’t one or two REM songs aired in BH 90210 ?

Who needed boyfriends when friends, studies, museums, Beverly Hills 90210, R.E.M, French edition of Glamour… used to be the landmarks of one’s young adulthood ? Not me!”


2 Responses to “Walking Down Memory Lane”

  1. favy be ilay sary !

  2. Eeee! Lasantsy izao Rajiosy â! Indroa tao anatin’ny fiainako aho no nahita izao. Etsy amin’ny digue etsy ambany etsy. Efa tokony hivoaboaka indray angamba nefa mamirifiry izao. Ny fakan-tsary koa napetraka aloha.

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