So fresh!

Brought a smile on my face!

A new thing a day

That it would excite me: I doubted

That it would be interesting: I expected

That it would make me happy: It surprised me

That it would be weird: presumed …

First time ever I sat the other side of the table… to interview applicants and have a chance to listen to their pitches. Funny. Obscure. Hilarating. Boring. Enthusiast. Nervous. Serene. Verbose. Almost mute…. Varied

Am feeling so fresh!

That “A new thing a day” could bring smile on my face has been a long forgotten truth. Worth being unearthed.

Like those days I managed to come up with some necklace designs (on the picture is my version of a GI plaque ~ with mother of pearl and silver);

Coolienne version of the GI plaque

Like that other day I managed to isolate this poppy flower and focus, focus, focus and shoot… just before that strong wind blew again;

Oh! that day Mister Ex. called me “Mon amour“. Precious. Rare;

Or … those many many days … (Can you tell me about those days a small experience brought smile on your face ? Let’s just hope they are many a day and experience !)

Stay cool, Stay fresh!

PS: and yes! I did play nice. Just a few questions. Big laughters (applicants can be funny, sometimes)


11 Responses to “So fresh!”

  1. Attention à ne pas s’esclaffer à l’écoute de certains noms et prénoms qui dès fois sont vraiment … originaux dira-t-on. C’est arrivé (^_^)

  2. so you’re into photography too man everybody is so good and you guyz are bad bad bad

  3. @Many,
    Je tâcherais de me souvenir de ce conseil, Many. Tines! ça me fait penser à un DA que mon neveu adore: “Many et ses outils” :-)

    Into photography ? that’s a grand word. I have tried, for some time, to explore the limits of my camera. I’ve bought lame (unbeknowst to me) batteries to replace my old ones and my camera is sleeping now… until I buy new batteries again. Just looking for the good store in Tana to buy good ones.
    Also, for some time, I had to slow down because of the storage. So many pictures for so little disk space. My new pc is only for work so … seems everything is against me being girlfriend to my digicam again. Work too is a trouble… and this new thing called blogging. Photography is “on hold”.

  4. Sooo… guyz and gals, super spammers, a response to this anyone ? ;-)

    “(Can you tell me about those days a small experience brought smile on your face ? Let’s just hope they are many a day and experience !)”

  5. it was when i found sleep…
    seriously if i could sleep like24 hours in a row i would buy you guyz some THb or else…
    Its crazy man…my bed is as far as Madagascar for me, I’m used to stay on my couch and spend the night on my laptop like some crazy crazy wanabee nobody geek or some no-life lady.
    This is bad…

    vita tompoko ..

  6. coolienne Says:


    Was that supposed to be an answer to my question ? lol

    Anyway, as long as you have fun……..
    I think that, these days, none could be more tied to the pc desk than a newbie blogger. ‘Cause you know what ? I’m even addicted to offline blogging. Even in the street, I use to think about a specific post to write. The only place where I don’t think shop is while working (yay! second row of interviews, today) and in my bed. lol

  7. man you are doomed….
    there no way you’re going to escape your fate
    now you’re offline blogging
    there comes the time you get addicted to people’s blog and very jealous of their out-of-the box topics
    after that you get stats and comments obsessed, longing for people to visit and welcome even offical spammers
    when someone pissed you off midongy kely dia mody hoe “leo be fa hilaozako nareo”
    when life pissed you off you leave your blog for a little 2 weeks (but you can keep lurking at others of course)
    there comes the time you celebrate your 1 year blog aniversary and real life friends are fewer
    pour rattraper tu les invites à Noël et ouvre ton album Flickr sur les chandelles et les fleurs en cette saison
    of course when bloggers get into cat fights (man we sooooo love this!) you try your best to stay neutral and publish a post on “How mojitos save the world”
    We make friends and meet them try to save the world and fail somewhere between 4 and 5 am

  8. lol…… your describing sequences is so accurate…. but… As I said earlier, I’m past all this, for a good reason: I’ve already experienced the ratings/clicks obsession (as a newbie, a seasoned member, a forum guru… kind of ) on another platform where I can express myself. The only exception is offline blogging, I’m more and more addicted to it.

    I’m a lost case….. writing is a cool hobby so I tend to think about life experiences a lot. Either to post on my personal blog, either to post on my other websites.

    True that, to some extent, RL friends tend to be fewer. The antidote, in my case, was planning frequent online friends meetings. Now that i’m in Mada, I really miss my online friends I used to chat, mail with while living on the Continent… because, I used to meet up with them regularly. Just to tell how far the bonding can be, for my farewell meeting, I’ve got valuable presents. They guyz managed to know exactly which presents to give. Now I remember that the only time I mentioned my obsession with those things (they later gave me as presents) was two years prior the so-called farewell meeting. See ? online befriending can equal offline befriending when ppl meet frequently. Longing for my return on the Continent to meet up with them again.

  9. rendez-vous est pris! (ahaahahhahahahaah)
    it’s saturday 10 am i have to get back to bed….
    but rendez-vous est pris (ahahahahahah)

  10. coolienne Says:

    Well done, girl!

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