Now I remember…

Tana Traffic

On Thursday, whilst heading home for noon lunch, I had a car accident. Nothing serious, a mad Buxi driver bumped into the rear of our pick-up. We were 5 in our cars, including my 3 yo nephew. No injured, no bloodshed.

The circumstances that led to the accident made us all angry. Mind you, it was past noon. We were hungry, hurrying up to be home and here was Mr. Stupido-on-testosterone bumping into our vehicle. The Buxi driver was disputing his place with another Buxi, it was reported to me. And that made him slam on the accelerator whilst we were already on stop. Bam! Big noise and a telluric shock!

It made us all angry. All except our little one. He was shouting with excitement and joy. He could be heard all over the place, outside the car. He was literally roaring, yelling, lauging when I asked him to calm down. Quite awkawardly, I told him to calm down because people were, I said, watching him. Contrary to the expected result, he made more noise, asked where the folks were. lol… For some time, having him calming down was a business for my sis and I (his super aunties).

After some time, when our driver managed to fill this declaration file (for insurance cy), we had some relief (his Grand-dad bought him fruit juice, we were tranquil for some time). While waiting in the car, my sis and I suddenly remembered how us, as kids, used to welcome such occurings… Car accidents, other people squabblings, all of that used to be watched with… excitement!

No! A silent breakdown won’t do! We needed noise, shocks, buoyant persons, hootings…

Aaah! Now I remember..


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